XG-1 Starwing Assault Gunboat

The XG-1 Starwings, or assault gunboats, first appeared on the classic PC game X-Wing. Their unknown nature intimidated rebel pilots during the second assault of Yavin IV.

The Empire has generally suffered from a lack of hyperspace capable fighters due to their TIE fighter doctrine, which requires a mother-ship. Assault gunboats could sometimes make up for this shortcoming. Assault gunboats are used as scouts, and for rapid response in local defense of planets, stations, freight traffic, or vulnerable systems. A small squadron of these were eventually included on Imperial star destroyers, and these would often show up just before a large imperial ship or fleet.

These fighters are relatively large. They cannot quite match the performance of the T-65 X-wing, especially in a dogfight. However with their ion cannons, and ordnance launchers, they have firepower that is comparable to a Y-wing – but with far more speed and decent shielding.

Manufacturer – Cygnus Spaceworks
Length – 10 meters
Acceleration – 20 MGLT/s
Speed – 90 MGLTS
Maneuverability Rating – 78 DPF
Hyperdrive Rating – Class 1 (backup class 10)
Shielding – Novaldex For/Aft projection rated 100 SBD
Hull Rating – 28 RU

– 2 Medium Taim & Baik KX-5 Laser Canons
– 2 Ms3 Concussion Missile Launchers (various ordinance compatible)

Crew – 1