Triglavian Kikimora Class Destroyer

This Kikimora is quite possibly the most wicked looking ship in Eve Online. She is not all for show either. There are few destroyers that can project over range the kind of shear damage that this ship can; and perhaps due to its slightly built space-frame, it is able to glide to positions of its choosing to maximize those long range tactics.

The Kikimora is built by the aggressive Svarog Clade of the Triglavian collective. The parts of the ship change position depending on which of the three modes it is engaged in; warping, cruising, or fighting/firing.

Below the stats you will find one solo-kiting fit for PvP – but the Kikimora is a good ship for quick PvE in lower level combat roles. We also use a fleet fit concept which we play close to the chest for now. The solo fit has several variations but almost all solo concepts utilize the ships fantastic speed and long range damage projection.

Starship Stats :
Original Manufacturer – Triglavian Collective, Svarog Clade
Length – 218 meters

Game Stats: see wiki

PVP Fits (for copy & import into game):

[Kikimora, septkitekiki]
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer
Entropic Radiation Sink II

Warp Disruptor II
5MN Microwarpdrive II
Small Capacitor Booster II

Light Entropic Disintegrator II
Small Energy Neutralizer II

Small Nanobot Accelerator II
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Small Auxiliary Thrusters I

Nanite Repair Paste x48
Occult S x500
Navy Cap Booster 400 x17
Mystic S x1000