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Capital Ships


Sorosuub Preybird Heavy Fighter – This rare fighter is used by pirates, smugglers, and eventually the Imperial Remnant. Video animation included.

XG-1 Starwing Assault Gunboat – These first appeared in the classic PC game X-wing, and have remained a fan favorite strike fighter since that time! Video animation included.

Incom T-65 X-wing Battle Tactics – The infamous Rebel X-wing breakdown and how it won the war against the Galactic Empire. Video animation included.

Z-95 Headhunter – Z-95’s were the predecessors of the famous X-wings, used on the open market, and probably the most common fighter in the galaxy. Video animation included.

CloakShape Fighter – CloakShape fighters, like the Z-95, are common throughout the galaxy. A little old, but most are heavily modified to fit the needs of the owner. Video animation included.

BTL Y-Wing Fighter/Bomber – The Y-wing is rugged, tough, and has lots of character and attitude! Video animation included.

A-wing Interceptor/Fighter – The A-wing is one of the fastest fighters in the galaxy. There is a reason why it is the best interceptor. Video animation included.

Capital Ships

Chiss Ascendance Class Gun Cruiser – This is a fan design of a medium sized Chiss cruiser using the unique design concepts and technology of the Chiss Ascendancy. Video animation included.

Rendili Stardrive Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser – This old heavy cruiser has played an important role in the Star Wars expanded universe. Dreadnaughts have been in use for decades as staple heavy cruisers throughout the galaxy.

Hammerhead Class Cruiser – This Old Republic design first appears in the game Knights of the Old Republic. It remains one of the best starship designs in the Star Wars universe. Video animation included.

Marauder Class Corvette An often overlooked corvette with a big punch for firepower, Marauders are used by rebels, smugglers, local governments, and pirates. Video animation included.

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