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News flash Trekkies – true lasers are regarded as inferior weapons by the 24th century, but the ‘lasers’ in Star Wars are NOT lasers the way you understand them. Here is why.

Proton torpedoes are the weapon of choice for penetrating well armored and well shielded ships in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Lore

The Star Wars ‘Expanded Universe’ was a mess, no doubt. And yet, all of the content required approval from George Lucas before going forward. It’s amazing what even a light touch on the steering wheel of the franchise can do for cohesiveness and universe building. Disney failed at this in the Sequel Trilogy,

Nine very popular ships that have not yet appeared on-screen since Disney has taken over the franchise. Hopefully we will some day see these ships; otherwise I shall be happy to (and have) resurrected several on this channel.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is my favorite antagonist in Star War. I explain why this enigmatic character, a strategic genius, is so fascinating.

Battle and Tactical Breakdowns

Star Wars battles were intentionally written to allude to World War Two battles. This especially can be applied to fighter dogfights and tactics.

The Star Destroyer is the back-bone of the Imperial Fleet. Lets analyze and explain Star Destroyer battle tactics.

The Mon Calamari cruisers were the only capital ships that Imperial Star Destroyer commanders actually feared. They are not as big or as strong as ISD’s, but they are ‘smarter’ ships, and here is why.

The Mandalorians are the warrior badasses of the Star Wars galaxy. In the past they were once a major galactic power. If they were to rise again, he is how they would compose their new battle fleet.

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