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Federation Ships

Anton Class Cruiser – A mid-23rd century design (origin FASA RPG), an early ancestor to the Miranda class. Antons were used heavily during the Four Years War against the Klingons. Video animation included.

Enhanced Original Constitution – Compared to the Discovery and 2009 versions of the Enterprise, the original design could’ve been used in either case and been GREAT with a little bit of love. This CG animation breakdown demonstrates how. Video animation included.

Chandley Class Frigate – Original Design by the FASA RPG – resurrected and animated; a heavy Starfleet marine frigate with a lot of firepower. Video animation included.

The Defiant’s Strengths and Weaknesses – No need to resurrect the Defiant, everyone’s favorite warship, but we can critically review whether it is overrated and earns its pay. Video animation included.

Derf Class Buoy Tender – It’s a tedious job, but someone has to maintain the Federation’s vast interstellar buoy navigation network – a job for this important but overlooked tender. Video animation included.

Larson Class Destroyer (Refit) – The old Larson class destroyer is the work-horse Starfleet destroyer, now refit and resurrected for the turn of the 24th Century, another FASA RPG design. Video animation included.

Loknar Class Frigate – An Andorian design and one of Starfleet’s first dedicated warships in the 23rd century. An important ship in the Four Years War against the Klingons. Video animation included.

Northampton Class “Tactical Frigate” – The FASA RPG design has been expanded upon, now with articulating nacelles that swing outward. This rapid response combat frigate exceeds at tactical combat. Video animation included.

Klingon Ships

D-7 Type A Battlecruiser – The classic D7 battle cruiser is the workhorse ship of the Klingon battle fleet, and the iconic Klingon warship. Video animation included.

D-10 Riskdah Heavy Command Cruiser – This FASA RPG design is a natural evolution of the D-7 hull, more heavily armed and larger, these were used as command ships in fleets. Video animation included.

D-18 ‘Gull’ Destroyer – The most common Klingon destroyer in use in the late 23rd century. Starfleet commanders called it the ‘Gull’ class. Another FASA RPG design. Video animation included.

L-6 Defender Class Frigate Deadlier than the original D-7, this rare ship to ship combat ship saw heavy use in the Four Years War. Video Animation Included.

Romulan Ships

V-6 Gallant Wing Cruiser – A ship designed in direct response to the superiority of Starfleet’s Constitution Class cruisers; these ships are designed to do far better than the older Bird of Prey class plasma boats.

V-30 Winged Defender Cruiser – If there was ever a match for the refit Constitution class this would be it. One of the most dangerous ships in the quadrant in the late 23rd century. Video animation included.

T-10 Bright One Class Destroyer The first Romulan ship using a blend of Klingon and Romulan technology. This ship is actually the predecessor of the Klingon B’rel class bird of prey. Video animation included.

Other Star Trek Ships

Gorn MA-12 Light Cruiser Built Gorn tough! Some Gorn technology lags behind the other major empires. But Gorn ships are some of the most durable in the galaxy! This is an old FASA RPG design resurrected! Video animations included.

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