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I’ve been annoyed with the arbirtrary size changes to the Enterprise, starting with Star Trek 2009. There is no reason to make the Enterprise the size of something like a big Star Wars capital ship, this explains why.

Since this video is made I now understand that gamma radiation (the type that would be emitted by matter/antimatter anhilation) is emitted as photons. This answers the question asked in the video as to why they are called Photon Torpedoes; also the mechanics of the weapons is covered.

Phasers are the weapon of choice for the Federation since the mid 23rd century – this video explains their supposed physics, tactics, and applications.

Quantum torpedoes are the next evolution of Photon torpedoes. The physics of quantum torpedoes is explained.

So…what IS plasma…uh torpedoes. These weapons were the foundations of Romulan tactics through much of the 23rd century, and perhaps even beyond.

Disruptors are probably the most commonly used energy weapon in the Star Trek universe. They disrupt matter at the molecular level using a variety of different base physics and technologies.

Forgotten Lore

Those who do not hold a 10th degree blackbelt in Nerd Trek lore are unaware that the Bird of Prey was originally designed as a Romulan ship, and that is why it looks like a DAMN BIRD! I explain what happened in this video, and how to resolve it in nerd head-canon.

Modern Star Trek (Discovery) was not the first to come up with the idea that there was a full-scale war between the Klingons and the Federation. Nor was the creators of the fan-film Axanar. It was FASA corp, the creators of the first Star Trek RPG that fleshed it out. Part 1 is explained here.

Part 2 of the Four Years War, and the final outcome.

A lot of my Star Trek head canon is based on the old out of print RPG content by FASA corp.

Battle and Tactical Breakdowns

Aside from the battle between Kirk and Khan in Star Trek II, the battle in the original episode Balance of Terror is still the best in Star Trek. This 20 minute video goes in depth with 3d graphics to analyze the battle from a new perspective.

Starfleet does not prioritize war or warships. However when pressed Starfleet implements some kickass battle doctrines.

They’re cunning and ruthless. There is a reason the Romulans are so incredibly dangerous.

The Klingons are not subtle – they come at you fast, head-on, and try take you out with shock and awe. After that…well, brawl without thinking and without fear.

The Dominion battle fleets are pretty much swarms of space locusts. There is something to be said for swarm tactics. Explaining the Dominion’s fleet doctrine.

The Cardassians are known for being ‘ruthlessly efficient’. Arrogant nerds often under estimate the Central Command due to the relatively backwards society and very slightly lower technology level. This disadvantage is rendered irrelevant when the Cardassians use their cunning and ruthlessness to unify and overcome adversity.

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