Sorosuub Preybird Fighter

I first saw the Preybird fighters on the back of Tomothy Zahn’s novel, Specter of the Past. I thought it was interesting. Many say it looks like the Klingon bird of prey but I disagree. This is NOT a Star Trek copy. The design profile follows Star Wars fighters, in that it has a fuselage, a cockpit, wings, and nacelle engines.

Even though this fighter is significantly larger than a T-65 X-wing, Wookiepedia classifies the shields and hull rating significantly lower. To me this makes no sense, as the Preybirds were designed after the X-wings to be competitive with the other fighters of the day. Certainly the Cavrilhu Pirates and the Imperial Remnant would use Preybirds that are more competetive, and modified stats are below.

Stats (Cavrilhu Pirates and Imperial Remnant):
Manufacturer – Sorsuub, later Cavrilhu Pirates
Length – 21 meters
Acceleration – 15 MGLT/s
Speed – 100 MGLTS
Maneuverability Rating – 86 DPF
Hyperdrive Rating – Class 1.5
Navigation Computer Equipped – 6 jump capacity
Shielding – 90 SBD
Hull Rating – 40 RU
– 2 Heavy Laser Canons (gimbled forward firing arc)
– 2 Concussion Missile Launchers (1 fore, 1 aft)
Crew – 2