Romulan V-6 Gallant Wing Class Cruiser

The Romulan Gallant Wing cruiser is a match, and even superior in combat to the Constitution class before it was refit in 2279.

This project took some time, and was almost totally done in Blender 3d, whereas in the past I used a hodgepodge of software. Luckily Blender, and my own skills, have come a long way. There may have been some ‘detail creep’ with this model.

I was actually quite inspired by the appearance of the ‘antique’ Romulan Bird of Prey seen in Star Trek: Picard. After seeing that I knew it was time to bring to life my vision of what 23rd century Romulan ships are supposed to look like.

This is another FASA design, and saw use as a heavy cruiser until later ships such as the V-30 Winged Defender replaces it. It is the bigger sister of the original V-8 Bird of Prey class. After working on it, I have come to love this design.

Starship Stats (Type 7 TMP Era) :
Length – 172 meters
Width – 252 meters
Height – 48 meters
Superstructure Points – 26
Cargo Capacity – 12,500 tons
Crew – 300
Marines – None
Passengers – VIP Only
Shuttlecraft – 4

Warp Engine Type – RWG-1
Number – 2
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed – Warp 7
Emergency Speed – Warp 9
Impulse Engine Type – RID-1
Total Engine Power: 52
Power to Movement Ratio: 4/1
Max Maneuvers per Combat Cycle: 13


Beam: RB-9 Disruptors
Firing Arcs: 2f, 2f/p, 2p/s
Maximum Power: 6
Max Range: 200,000 Km
Torpedo: RPL-2 Plasma Torpedoes
Firing Arcs: 2f
Maximum Yield: 32 within 30,000 KM, and then damage falls off
Maximum Range: 140,000 Km

Shield Type – RSO
Power to Shield Ratio – 1/3
Maximum Output – 15

Combat Rating (Percentage of refit Constitution):
Defensive: 78.4%
Weapons Delivery: 84.7%