Rendili Dreadnaught Class Heavy Cruiser

Not every starship has to be a star destroyer or Mon Calamari cruiser to build the universe and tell a good story. Timothy Zahn worked these mid-sized capital ships into his original Thrawn trilogy to great effect. Dreadnaughts are older warships of the Republic, most notable for comprising the Katana Fleet, which mysteriously disappeared at some point before the Clone Wars.

My own idea of the Dreadnaught takes inspiration from the armored Dreadnaughts that first appeared in various earth navies at the beginning of the 20th century. The idea of a dreadnaught is heavy armor, and heavy guns. I also LOVE Fractal Sponge’s work on the Dreadnaught which can be found here.

The dreadnaught shown here is a pirate variant. The original design did not have much in the way of fighter capacity. Pirates need to be able to quickly close on their victims, and a dreadnaught is not a fast ship, that is where the fighters come into play, which are launched from the lower hull – heavily modified for a larger hangar bay.

Starship Stats (pirate variant):
Manufacturer – Rendili Stardrive
Length – 600 meters
Hull Strength – 1056 RU
Shielding – 1920 SBD
Crew – Apprx 3000 (supplemented by droids)
Shuttlecraft – 6 boarding shuttles, 2 cargo skiffs
Fighters/Strike Craft: up to 24 (Z-95’s, Cloakshapes, Preybrids, various others)

6 fusion ion engines
Sublight speed: 30 MGLT
Manueverability: 300% of Imperial Star Destroyer
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 4, Backup class 18

– 12 Medium Dual Turbolaser Turrets
– 6 Medium Ion Cannon Turrets
– 32 Point Defense Quad Laser Cannons