Marauder Class Corvette

The Marauder corvette is one of those hidden gems that appear in comic books and games, an aggressive looking ship often used as more of a background prop. It looks like a smaller ship than it is; quite a bit larger than a Corellian corvette like the Tantive IV. Marauders are a common corvette available on the open market, and occasionally integrated into space navies, such as that of the Rebel Alliance. However, they are more commonly used by local governments, smugglers, and pirates.

This variant, the Sabertooth, is a pirate variant with an extra set of atmospheric engines, turbo-flux power boosters for temporary boosts to engines or weapons power, and an overhaul of the armament to include ion cannons.

Starship Stats (pirate variant):
Manufacturer – Republic Sienar Systems, Corporate Sector Authority
Length – 195 meters
Crew – 135
Shuttlecraft – 2
Fighters/Strike Craft: 8 light fighters (various models)

2 fusion ion engines, 2 ion-jet hybrid space/air engines
Speed: 40 MGLT with 80 MGLT burst (1 min recharge)
Hyperdrive rating: Class 2.0
– 2 Heavy Turbolasers (fixed forward)
– 2 Medium Ion Cannons (fixed forward)
– 6 quad laser turrets