CloakShape Fighter

This video was one of my first animation projects, and it shows! I always loved the Cloakshape Fighter as one of those world-building elements. The first time it appears in the Dark Empire comics bounty hunters use them to pursue the Millennium Falcon.

Much like the Z-95 Headhunter, the Cloakshape is an older pre-clone-wars fighter, and it is very common throughout the Galaxy. By the time of the Galactic Civil War most are heavily modified, and to find one in the ‘original’ configuration is almost impossible. The Cloakshape is a relatively large and heavy fighter, and it edges into the strike/craft bomber class, although it is normally armed with concussion missiles rather than heavy ordinance.

Manufacturer – Kuat Systems Engineering
Length – 15 meters

Engines – 807b-9 Ion Engine
Speed – 93 MGLT (upgraded)
Maneuverability Rating – 72 DPF
Hyperdrive Rating – Varies – often use hyperdrive ring or sled.
Shielding – Varies; rating 90 SBD
Hull Rating – 28 RU

– 2 Dual Laser Cannons
– 2 Ordinance Launchers (ordinance varies)

Crew – 1 to 2 (sometimes astromech droid included)