Chiss Ascendance Class Gun Cruiser

This is one of the only pure fan designs of my own making on my YouTube channel, voted on out of three concepts.

It was important that the Chiss have a cruiser with a smart design. The Gun Cruiser concept allows this ship to fire 75% of its firepower onto a target from any position relative to the target. It is armed with charrics – the Chiss weapon of choice which uses different technology than turbolasers. Its systems, like the shield generators, are redundant and overlapping, making a surgical strike against a vital system very difficult.

I may want to bring back this ship in some capacity in the future. Although I am happy with the design, I feel the video presentation could be better.

Starship Stats:
Manufacturer – Chiss Ascendancy
Length – 450 meters
Hull Strength – 20% of an Imperial Star Destroyer
Crew – 2,125
Troops/marines – 320
Shuttlecraft – 10
Fighters/Strike Craft: none

4 fusion ion engines
Sublight speed: 40 MGLT
Manueverability: 500% of Imperial Star Destroyer
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.2

– 4 Heavy Dual Charric Turrets
– 26 Medium Charric Turrets
– 26 Point Defense Quad Charric Turrets
– 8 Triple Connor Net Launchers

18 – Overlapping rated 200 SBD each