Winged Defender Squadron Approaches I.R.W. Aquila

This RNS-66841, I.R.W. Aidoann,  leading Defender Squadron Eisn Five Seven, rendezvousing with RNS-93433, I.R.W. Aquila as ordered.

I.R.W. Aquila acknowledges squadron rendezvous, Aidoann. Your commander is to report aboard the Aquila for intel briefing in forty siuren, acknowledge.

Acknowledged, Aquila. And I I must say, it is nice to see a new D’deridex battleship, quite a sight.

We are proud of her. Seems that old Defender of yours is in great shape for an older ship. How old is Aidoann, 31?

Aidoann is 42, almost 43.

Khoi with your deceptions! Forgive my unprofessional response, but she doesn’t look a day over 32.

Aidoann’s been maintained with great care, and refit several times. I’m sure she’ll be able to handle this…whatever the mission turns out to be.